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Company NameJECC TORISHA Co., Ltd.
Head Office & Factory8-52,Yoshinodai 2-chome, Kawagoe-shi,Saitama 350-0833, Japan
Foundation DateFebruary 1, 1932
Capital100 million yen
StockholdersTAIYO NIPPON SANSO CORPORATION 51% / Suzuki Shokan Co.,Ltd.49%
Turnover1.310 million yen (2015FY)
01The design, manufacture, sale, and maintenance of science equipments.
02The design of high performance vacuum jacketed piping,cryogenic apparatus, high-pressure gas equipments,vacuum apparatus, and related goods, manufacture, sale,import export, and maintenance service.
03All business accompanying preceding above.
Authorized by the Minister for Economy,Trade and Industry Authorization Number:MAB-510-M
Approval Data:September 30,2002
Number of Employees 74
Directors Director President : Isamu Ushijima
Director Vice President : Kazuya Hashimoto
Director Engineering Manager : Mitsuhiro Kaneko
Director Project Management Manager : Hiriaki Kojima
Part-time Director : Yasushi Nagaoka
Part-time Director : Yoshihiko Suzuki
Part-time Auditor : Kazuyuki Kajitani
Part-time Auditor : Nobutuki Shimoda
Inquiry U359515@jecctorisha.co.jp


JECC TORISHA PresidentJECC TORISHA Co. Ltd. was established in April 1997 by a merger of TORISHA Co., Ltd. and JECC Co., Ltd. The aim of the merger is to pursuit advanced, diversified and compound technologies focusing on "high vacuum and cryogenic related technologies" by utilizing full features of both companies.

In the 21st century, improvement and strengthening of the above-mentioned technologies and its related areas are widely required to realize human friendly environment. In such environmental changes, we believe we are strongly required to utilize the features of the company that is "the group with live intellectual craftsmanship" and "the manufacturer that values careful production." We are determined to focus on 'high vacuum and cryogenic technologies and related fields' that constitutes the base of future scientific technologies and industry. Also, we believe it is our obligation to contribute to the development of scientific technologies and the industry as a whole by meeting the customer's various needs that require an innovation.

We would like to ask for your continuous supports from bottom of my heart.

Predecessors of the Company

The company was established as Torisha Science Laboratory in February 1932 to develop and market small liquefied gas containers. Since then, the company constantly pursued new technologies by focusing on high vacuum and cryogenic products. We contributed to the innovation of latest technologies required for research and development by various companies and institutes including universities through designing and producing scientific equipments with the cooperation of their researchers. We also manufactured and supplied products such as space development related equipments. We were the company that just fitted in the concept of "the group with live intellectual craftsmanship." This concept became and kept to be the main feature of the company.

JECC Co.,Ltd.
The company was established in July 1983 as a joint venture of Suzuki Shokan Co., Ltd. and CVI (U.S.) to manufacture and market various cryogenic equipments. Our vacuum jacketed piping was superior by far to the products by other manufacturer concerning its performance and durability. It was widely used for transportation of liquefied gas generated by air separation plants and supplied to semiconductor devices and soft drink facilities. Furthermore, we also designed, manufactured and sold cryogenic pumps and other cryogenic equipment related products, resulting in acquired high reputation in the industry.